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A Community of Friends.

The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield, incorporated in 1998, is comprised of the former Town of Grand Bay and the former Village of Westfield.

Grand Bay-Westfield is located in southwestern New Brunswick along the River Valley Scenic Drive, one of the provincially designated scenic routes, and is home to a community of approximately 5000 residents.

The first inhabitants, the Maliseet, had encampments in the area and used the St. John and Nerepis rivers for transportation and food. Following Champlain's arrival in 1604, the area became part of the French colony of Acadia but in 1758 conflict between French and English caused  the entire area eventually to fall to the English in 1759.

in 1784 both black and white loyalists arrived to settle the area and were given land grants. Many of the local families can trace their roots back to the Loyalists. The town has a rich and interesting history.


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