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pre 1604     Maliseet settlements established in the area as the Maliseet used the St. John River and the
                    Nerepis for transportation
1604            Champlain arrives and the French colony of Acadia established. He also names Grand Bay.

1621             James 1st of England grants present day NB to Sir William Alexander and called it Nova Scotia

1640-45        Acadian civil war

1713             Treaty of Utrecht gives NB to the French

1758            Colonel Robert Monkton and British soldiers destroy Acadian settlements on the St. John River

1760            French control of Acadia ended
1783            Black and White Loyalists arrive and obtain land grants  including the Glazier grant

1786            Mount Hope farm built by Henry Nase
1845             Irish potato famine leads to Irish immigrants arriving in Grand Bay 

1869             European and North American rail line opens with stations at Grand Bay, Pamdenec, Epworth
                     Park, Ingleside, Ononette, Hillandale, Westfield Beach, Lingley, Sagwa, and Nerepis

1998            Amalgamation of Grand Bay and Westfield

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