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Many long time residents of our town were interviewed in 2011  and shared stories and events from the past.

 Memories such as these are not available in any library or archive and  need to be preserved.

The Backlands--Jim Gaunce recalls these settlements which were destroyed by the fire of 1921

The Backland Road--Bill Warwick shares stories of the settlements on the Backland Road

The Berry Bear--Bill Warwick recalls an encounter with  a bear while out picking blueberries

Westfield Golf Course--Bill Warwick discusses the beginnings of the local golf course

Shotgun Fever--Richard Likely recounts an intervention with a shotgun

Arsonist unmasked--Bill Warwick , an unsolved crime  and confession.

Mount Hope Farm --Peter Lohnes conducts a guided tour of Mount Hope Farm

Daily life in the 30's--The Nase sisters discuss hardships and fun times from their youth

Work and play at Mount Hope Farm--Nase sisters recall farm life 

Wall crank Telephone--Helen Parker tells all

Eviction for Army Camp--Helen Parker's first hand account of losing her homestead

Danger play--Helen tells of playing at the sawmill     

School trip--Helen discusses the lost  art of walking to school

Lacroix history--how did this street get its name?

Missing lumber--Did a local house gain free lumber at church expense?

Town Hall meeting--residents come together to discuss the preservation of the past

The local Doc  -- unforgettable, indispensable member of the community 

Early Days in Westfield--memories of the towns beginnings

Early families--Rolf Duschenes tells a few stories of the first families of Grand Bay

Your Move!--Rolf explains the movement of residents from Saint John to Grand Bay


JimOgilvie -talks about the early days in Grand Bay earning a living


The Fox Farm--Jim Ogilvie recalls the fox farm


The fire of 1921- Jim Ogilvie talks of the great fire and the impact on wildlfie


The Old Mill- Jim describes the mill in Grand Bay


McDonalds store- fun and games at the store 


The Old Schoolhouse- Jim recalls the lessons learned at the old school house

Jim Gaunce

Jim talks of the backlands to the east of the present town , once a thriving community.

The Berry Bear


Richard Likely and Bill Warwick

Long time residents of Grand Bay -Westfield discuss the early days.

Westfield Golf Course


The Coal Barge inferno

Fire destroys a local eyesore.

What it means to be a Nase

Mount Hope Farm

Peter Lohnes takes a tour of historic Mount hope Farm

Work and play at Mount Hope Farm

Playing under the sawmill

Confiscated farms for Camp Gagetown.

St. Augustines church.

Walking to School.

The Village of Westfield

The Likely Family

Town hall meeting

Moving to Westfield

The Doctor

The Wall Crank Telephone.

Shotgun  Adventure

The Lacroix house.

Daily life in the 1930's

The Nase sisters discuss life in the 30's


Earning a living


The Backland Road


The fire of 1921

The McDonalds store.

The Fox Farm




The Old Mill

The old schoolhouse

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